Previous Collaborations


Purpose: To provide an environment that puts creativity in the first place.
Goal: To create a dynamic environment to work in. That inspires and promotes a creative process and that provides local creative talents with a meeting point and access to a wider network.
Collaboration: Kulturföreningen Daisy, Random Bastards, Humlan, Lampray, Salmonfox, Filmcentrum, Laser Unicorns, Albin Davidsson and Petra Svanström, Sliperiet, and more.


Parkgatan 2

For many, Kreator has been synonymous with Parkgatan 2 in Umeå. During the formative years this was the Kreator HQ and an open space inviting creatives to rent a desk and collaborate. In addition to our own office space we have also researched the coworking niche and provided guidelines and services to other coworking places.

Coworking Umeå

Coworking Umeå is an initiative by Petra Svanström and Albin Davidsson. The aim is to explore coworking spaces and collect experiences about factors important for a successful environment.

Sliperiet advisory

Umeå University consulted Kreator about development and participation in the creative environment Sliperiet located on the Arts Campus in Umeå. Our work included advisory, research and a workshop.