Creative Lab

Purpose: To explore new expressions, products and services that arise in encounters between different creative skillsets.
Goal: To launch interdisciplinary and experimental projects with Västerbotten creatives.
Initiative: Sofia Anner, Simon Hedberg, Michael Ericsson.
Collaboration: A wide range of creative professionals from the agency venture and other networks of creatives in Västerbotten like Umeå CIA and The Lodge / Creative Summit has contributed to the development of Labs.
Started: 2012
Thanks: Michael Ericsson – Neu International for dedication and support, Johanna Hallin, Håkan Gustafson – Studio With, Leif Rehnström – Hello Future, Patrik Svensson – HUMlab.

Through our network of creatives and innovators we work to solve exciting challenges and to explore what’s possible in your specific area of interest.
Previous work includes developing specialised cutlery, public space art experiments and web-based formats for documentation and storytelling.


Väven – the building process

Väven, a new culture house in Umeå is a unique joint venture between the municipality and the developer Balticgruppen. For this project the building company asked us to document and tell the story about the building process. Using creative processes inspired from film making and mixing different creative competences we developed a rich, interactive film-like experience on the web. The project is hosted by Kreator Labs and is a collaboration between Kreator, Lampray, Dohi Sweden and SGC&LLLL.

Urban Forum

Umeå Urban Forum is a project raising awareness about how public spaces can be developed and designed with creative competence. Initiated by Anna Sjöberg, project manager at Umeå Municipality, the project explored a concept for awareness and communication between people in the public space around Vasaplan, Umeå’s central hub for public transport.
Kreator led the creative process and was also responsible for prototyping, testing and making the case film.


Pyttipanna is a classic Swedish meal and a classic product from the frozen food brand Findus. Based on input from their customers Findus set out to find the perfect cutlery for eating the popular dish. Pytteln – combining a fork, spoon and blade section in the same cutlery it is easy to use and caters to different eating styles among the consumers.

They Came In / Vibrations

Piling for the foundation of Väven posed some challenges due to the vibrations produced. We decided to make good use of the vibrations in the form of music. Performed live at the event celebrating the completion of the foundation.

Composer: Henrik Oja
Vocals: Lovisa Nyström
Text: Annika Norlin
Rythm: Väven

Biotech Umeå

Uminova Innovation has in the project Expression teamed up with Kreator to connect companies in the biotech industry with creative professionals from the cultural and creative industry.
We got to work with a group of companies, researching their business case and develop a set of creative marketing ideas based on their specific challenges.