Previous Collaborations

Nifflas’ Games

Purpose: To let the world get to see and enjoy the work of Nicklas Nygren and help him make a living of his talent.
Goal: To launch his games commercially.
Initiative: Nicklas Nygren
Collaboration: Papper&SifferbyrÄn, Coworking Office, Sofia Anner

Nicklas Nygren is an extraordinary talent from the local network. We saw his work and wanted to support him on his way on making a living of it.
Together we released the game Saira and he has now gone on to produce other exciting adventures.



Saira is a puzzle platformer with non-linear gameplay and a whole universe for you to explore. The game is heavily influenced by classic puzzle adventure games and uses a new unique graphical style combining high resolution photography into a lush and mysterious world.

Indie games

Kreator hosted meetups and events exploring and supporting the local indie game scene.