Pyttipanna is a classic Swedish meal and a classic product from the frozen food brand Findus. Based on input from their customers Findus set out to find the perfect cutlery for eating the popular dish. Pytteln – combining a fork, spoon and blade section in the same cutlery it is easy to use and caters to different eating styles among the consumers.

Pytteln is developed by Kreator in collaboration with Friendly Future’s industrial designers Johannes Sjödin and Theresa Berg, on behalf of Findus. In designing Pytteln Johannes and Theresa drew inspiration from elements in the Findus graphic profile. Based on the rounded corners in the Findus logo Pytteln was given a clean, stylish and honest expression in harmony with the company profile.


Pytteln is designed to fit both adults and children. It is made of Aculon (polyamide) without fiberglass and manufactured in Sweden by Polycron.

Client: Findus
Project manager: Sofia Anner
Design: Friendly Future – Johannes Sjödin, Theresa Berg
Production: Polycron AB

Product photo by Findus.
Product illustration by Johannes Sjödin.