Väven – the building process

Väven, a new culture house in Umeå is a unique joint venture between the municipality and the developer Balticgruppen. For this project the building company asked us to document and tell the story about the building process. Using creative processes inspired from film making and mixing different creative competences we developed a rich, interactive film-like experience on the web. The project is hosted by Kreator Labs and is a collaboration between Kreator, Lampray, Dohi Sweden and SGC&LLLL.

Client: Väven i Umeå AB
Creative Lead: Sofia Anner
Project Lead: Sofia Anner, Magnus Öberg, Hanna Westerlind, Simon Hedberg
Design: SGC&LLLL – Erik Olofsson, Samuel Grönlund
Technical Production/Web Animation: Dohi Sweden – Erik Lövdahl, Per Mafrost
Documentation Lead: Lampray – Martin Gärdemalm



Väven Trailer

Produced by Kreator in collaboration with Lampray
Script and direction: Martin Gärdemalm, Linus Andersson, Sofia Anner
Project Manager: Magnus Öberg
Aerial Photo: Henning Sandström
CGI: David Sandberg
Sound Design/Music: Patrik Öberg/A2

Client: Väven i Umeå

They Came In / Vibrations

Piling for the foundation of Väven posed some challenges due to the vibrations produced. We decided to make good use of the vibrations in the form of music. Performed live at the event celebrating the completion of the foundation.

Composer: Henrik Oja
Vocals: Lovisa Nyström
Text: Annika Norlin
Rythm: Väven