Collaboration is our foundation, as a catalyst can not operate on its own. By connecting different people and professions we have the possibility to question, develop and inspire in a way that can not be done in a closed environment.

We believe in the power of individual initiative, to take matters in to your own hands and create – but we also know that real change only comes when meeting others. When we Do It Together.


From DIY to DIT

We believe that the future of business and value creation is based on relationships where individuals empower each other and by that can take on challenges that previously were impossible. The world has changed, knowledge is everywhere and access to tools are easier, which means that business models built on exclusiveness and artificial barriers are having a hard time surviving. To keep creating in this new paradigm a different mindset is required. For us the natural step is to go from thinking and acting DIY to thinking and acting DIT. We see a lot of examples of cocreation, hackable products and shared economy rising up and making a new standard for sustainable initiatives that will form the future.

This is what we call D.I.T, Do It Together – and it is a core philosophy of Kreator.

Creativity is everywhere

We believe all people have access to creativity, it is not exclusive to a select few. Therefore it should not be treated as a product, but more like a natural resource. The challenge is building a safe environment for creativity to blossom and finding the keys to unlock creative potential. The power of creativity really arises when we find ways of connecting and continue to build on each other’s ideas.

Distributed value creation

As a consequence of working with a natural resource available anywhere we believe that value creation shouldn’t be done in a closed organisation or company. Instead of building a centralized organisation our work is built upon a network with a flowing and dynamic access to different kind of creative skillsets. We need to be connected to be successful in our work. It is essential for us to have access both to local vibrant environments of creative work but also to find access points to global networks of creative innovators. This is the context and seedbed in which the ideas and new collaborations grow.

It’s not about success

With breaking new ground comes endless testing and failures. It’s about exploring, changing shape and breaking barriers. It’s all about the process. We think of growth as moving – forward, backwards, in, out, up or down. It’s not a linear equation going in one direction, measured only in money. The way we grow is by expanding with new initiatives and new collaborations, and the way we measure our growth is based on impact and innovation.