Kreator has it’s roots in the dynamic culture scene of Umeå. Dreaming of a world where the natural resource of creativity was better utilized and where artists and creatives to a larger extent could live of their talents, a business was formed.

Given that creative people often has great potential in their field of work but sometime lacks the skills or interest in running a business, several ventures was started providing services such as office space, coaching, administration, agency, advocacy and more. Becoming a hub for creative work Kreator also provided production services to both local and national agencies and companies. One of the most successful areas of work has been in film and animation – building a network of filmmakers cooperating  under the brand Kreator Motion. Kreator has always held a unique position to take on creative projects that span multiple disciplines of work while providing a single point of access to customers.

Looking past the specific range of services and areas of work, Kreator at it’s core is a catalyst and starting point for creative ventures rooted in collaboration.